At Texas Dive Center we carry premier manufacturers of SCUBA equipment and will match any price from authorized dealers!

Our staff are experts when it comes to using scuba gear and are ready to answer any questions you may have when you are ready to purchase. Give us a call or stop by the shop to see our full line of top quality SCUBA gear.

Texas Dive Center is one of the fewer than 50 U.S dive shops to earn the title of SCUBAPRO Platinum Dealer. We sell top of the line SCUBAPRO equipment, held to the manufacturer's very stringent standards in terms of stock quality and regular maintenance such as cleaning and functionality checks.
In addition to carrying a full line of SCUBAPRO gear, we also carry equipment from other premier SCUBA equipment manufacturers.

Need a dive light? We carry many brands such as SeaLife, Tovatec, Kraken, and Underwater Kinetics. All are known throughout the dive industry as a great manufacturers of underwater lights and accessories. 
In 2000, Sealife revolutionized the world of underwater photography with the introduction of its first underwater digital camera. Today, Sealife offers a range of underwater cameras and accessories that make Sealife cameras truly "expandable". All Sealife underwater strobes and lenses are interchangeable with almost any Sealife camera.
Sea Pearls is one of the largest distributors of SCUBA air cylinders, valves, weights and weighting systems.
Started in 2002 with their first product, a patented weight belt, they have quickly grown to be a full-line supplier of diving and snorkeling products. XS Scuba is the largest supplier of scuba cylinders and Thermo valves in the world. Through their Sea Pearls brand,  they manufacture and supply lead weights to most U.S. dive stores. Using strategic acquisitions of other diving companies, they have been able to expand their product offering to include regulators, buoyancy compensators and instrumentation that are recognized for performance and reliability. They also own or distribute Highland Tech gear and Sea Dive masks among others.
Rental Gear (Rates subject to change.)
Item Daily Rate
Tank (all sizes)  $ 15.00
Tank (nitrox, all sizes)  $ 30.00
BCD  $ 20.00
Regulator w/Computer  $ 30.00
Wetsuit  $ 15.00
Hooded Vest  $ 10.00 w/ full suit $5.00
Gloves  $ 5.00
Hood   $ 5.00
Dive light  $ 10.00
Weights  $    .50/lb
Air Fills  $ 12.00
VIP w/fill  $ 27.50
Hydro/VIP/Fill Standard tank  $ 69.00 Carbon Fiber/HP $75.00
HP Fill (over 3300psi)  $ 25.00